The donkeys of Martina Franca

Asino di Martina Franca, a donkey breed from Puglia in southern Italy, has stolen our hearts. It is the largest Italian donkey breed. It is mainly associated with the municipality of Martina Franca from which it takes its name, but the area of origin also includes Alberobello, Ceglie Messapica, Locorotondo, Mottola and Noci.

In 2008 the total number for the breed was slightly less than 400. In 2007, Martina Franca's donkey was listed as 'endangered'. The robust body size, the sturdy feet and the proud and soft and social nature are an expression of the character and climate of this country, which are closely linked.

To socialize with the donkeys of Martina Franca you can visit the educational farm Russoli here in Martina Franca. In the future you can enjoy some donkeys on our site. We made a children's book with great pleasure about the donkey Gigi during his first steps in Martina Franca. The starting point of this story is a well-known Dutch proverb.


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